Servicing & Repairs

The majority of manufacturers will give you a 1 years warranty on all new equipment, and some will go  to 3 years when you buy better quality.  ControlSound will happily support your products supplied by us whilst under warranty, arranging for delivery and returning repaired items, which are few and far between.

Outside of the warranty ControlSound will also offer the first look to ascertain the level of the fault , and offer to repair wherever possible. Supporting new and existing customers is just as much a priority as supplying and installing new sound systems.

We also undertake repairs to Pioneer CDJ and DJM equipment, replacing faulty switches, jog wheel sheets, broken faders, RJ45 sockets etc.  We also do servicing and repairs to the Technics SL1200/1210 turntables.

Faulty amplifiers with broken transistors or power supplies are usually returned to the manufacturer as they have the proper facilities to test them under load.

Servicing your sound system, even though it may be working, is something you should consider. If you have a rack of amplifiers in a bar or club that is not in an air-conditioned isolated room, then at some point the ingress of dust/dirt will eventually cause the cooling fan to become blocked. On a hot summer’s night you need the cooling fan working at maximum capability when the systems are driven hard! Depending on the location of equipment we offer a preventative maintainence service at either 6, 12, or 24 month intervals. Contact us to discuss suitability.

Mood July 07 QSC Before

QSC USA900 before

Mood July 07 QSC After

QSC USA900 After!

QSC Needing a Service

QSC RMX needing a service!

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