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ControlSound has been designing, supplying and installing bespoke audio solutions for over 15 years. We cater for all kinds of audio installations, from churches to nightclubs!!!

Wherever possible we recommend installing major manufacturers equipment such as Martin Audio, Turbosound, Soundcraft, QSC, Cloud, Formula Sound etc. as the quality of audio and build is  far better than the  majority of products eminating  from the Far East. Long-term product support  is also very important which you will always get from a reputable manufacturer. However that doesn’t exclude other manufacturers, and if you are working to a budget then there is no reason not to be flexible with the choice of equipment!

From Wolverhampton to London to the South Coast you can find ControlSound systems in all types of locations including:

Pubs, Clubs, Youth Centres, Churches, Shops, Childrens Play Centres, Swimming Pools, Schools, Colleges, Hair Salons, Village Halls, Golf Clubs, Football  Clubs.  There’s even a sound  system designed for a professional race-horse stable!!

The Stage Is  Set

The Stage Is Set


40 way Stagebox with Tourline connectors

Spreadeagle Thame 003

The Spreadeagle in Thame

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